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What is the Artist Auxiliary?

We’ve come to realize that the martial life cannot survive without the support and influence of fine art and music. It is called the Martial Arts after all. We at AUX sense that the world of the martial and that of the arts have grown apart, and it saddens us.

What remains is only the Martial and little of the Arts. Our aim is to infuse back into the martial path some of the art that makes it a complete way of life, because without Yin you cannot have Yang.

It all seems quite elementary, yet in our incredibly media obsessed world we often lose sight of how fractured these topics can become. Technology provides us with a unique opportunity to unite these worlds again.

Above all we wish to educate, and to treat martial art and fine art as a significant part of youth (and adult) education. A Brooklyn based facility for after-school and early childhood programs, modeled on the fantastic dream of becoming a martial arts “master,” will complete the AUX mission.

From time to time we will host mixed media events around the city. AUX members can experience our understanding of the arts directly while viewing art and enjoying music. Look out for interviews, instruction films, favorite clips, and general expression of our skillz on the ArtistAuxiliary YouTube Channel. Our blog has media reviews, ideas, and other snippets from the Path.

So follow us, invite your friends… Spread the word… Join the discussion. (you don’t have to live in NYC) Help us build a place for ideas to grow into reality.

Martial, meet Art.

It’s about time you two got reacquainted.


Mr. B & Mrs. B